Missouri Foxtrotters For Sale

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Missouri Foxtrotter Stallions
Gaited Stallions Standing in Arizona

Revelry's Apache
Missouri Fox Trotter Black & White Spotted Stallion
Patches is a 15.0 Hand 12 yr.old Missouri Foxtrotter Gaited Black & White spotted stallion.
He sires mostly spotted horses from spotted and solid colored mares.
Patches is a full black and white brother to Revelry's Little Bandit.
He is a direct son of Barney Fife's Revelry out of Barney Fife.
His horse foals have all been spotted.   Spotted Stallion foals

2009 Breeding Fee $350

Lad's Royale King
Missouri Fox Trotter Cremello Stallion Horse
King is a 15.1 Hand 10 yr.old Missouri Foxtrotter Gaited Cremello stallion.
He sires mostly buckskin horses from bay mares and palomino horses from sorrel mares.
He is a direct son of Dreamspinner and a Zane Grey mare.
Sire of several buck skin horse colts, including the Buckskin Stallion below.
His buckskin horse foals have no white to date.   Cremello Stallion foals

2009 Breeding Fee $350

Sunrise's Gold Charm
Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion, Golden Palomino Stallion Horse
Sundown is a 10 year old 15.1H Missouri Foxtrotter Palomino Stallion Horse, a gaited breed.
When bred him to sorrel mares, all of his foals have been palomino horses to date.
His sire is Southern Sunrise.   Palomino Stallion foals

$350 Stud Fee 2009

Lad's Wranglin' King
Missouri Fox Trotter Buckskin Stallion Horse
Wrangler is a 15.3 Hand 5 year Buck Skin Stallion Horse, A Missouri Foxtrotter, A gaited breed.
He is the son of the Cremello Stallion above, who sired other buck skin horse foals.
This is the first year he is standing for outside mares.

2009 Introductory Offer $300

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